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2017 Bridges Between volunteer trip dates are here

2017 Bridges Between Volunteer Trip

November 7 – 18

  • Teach English, culture exchange, crafts and/or technology in village schools
  • Take part in everyday, agrarian life-ways and Buddhist traditions
  • Visit cultural sights throughout Kathmandu

2016 Volunteer Lina teaches knitting

2015 volunteer Tom leads games in the school courtyard

2015 volunteer Justin sets up a slackline at the government school

2014 volunteer Katherine teaches basic English classes

International Women’s Day! Support women’s education in rural Nepal by supporting Bridges Between!

Bridges Between Summit Meeting

Bridges Between held a two day meeting earlier this month to discus long and short term goals. We currently have more goals than we do resources so please make a contribution this month! Hit the “DONATE” button on this page to make your contribution.

Here is a break down of what you can expect to see happening and how your donation dollars will be spent.

  • A new classroom curriculum will roll out March 6, 2017 focusing on adult experiential learning including innovative, hands-on school supplies
  • A health specialist will be employed by Bridges Between, four time per year, to teach general health and wellness classes to the entire community where we have schools. Studies show that most illnesses and infections that send villagers to the hospital two days away, can be avoided with simple hygiene education. Other issues effecting women’s health will also be covered.
  • New teacher, Phutsering Sherpa will begin teaching at the Chhulemu school this March
  • The 2017 Volunteer Trip is taking place this October-November and will include a meditation class at the Kopan Monastery and a day of volunteering at the Nepal Music Festival in Kathmandu
  • The Nunthela school, open March 2018 will need tables, chairs and all typical schoolroom supplies.
  • All schools need to have their computers replaced due to age and wear. We are seeking patrons who are able to assist with laptop donations

Hit the “DONATE” button on this page to make your contribution.

Namaste! See you in Nepal!

Women’s Rights Are Human Rights

On January 21, 2017  people around the globe marched for women’s rights.  While marching my friends and I exchanged stories of times we felt discriminated against and underrepresented at work, in school or simply just walking down the street.  But there we were, carrying signs, chanting and filled with joy that so many of our friends and family were there to support us in expressing our legal right to assemble and speak out against human rights disparities within our nation.

Throughout the day my thoughts often returned my female friends in Nepal who want the same things as I do, as all of us do, the freedom to be solely in charge of our bodies, thoughts and futures.  Many Nepali women are feeling an unrest at the blatant discrimination they experience daily.   Bridges Between has considered supporting women’s adult education in additional areas of the country but we need to be cognizant of cultural barriers for women to merely attend class.  In many villages men will not allow their wives to be educated and often times girls are pulled out of school as it is not seen as an economic use of a girls time.

Women’s Rights ARE Human Rights!  Every time that poster popped up in the sea of marchers, I smiled thinking of our dear friends in Nepal and their courage to ask for a school, the strength it takes to attend classes and fight against the status quo.


The Samsung tablets our 2015 volunteers took to the villages were meant for the women to learn technology… but in they also made great sitters while the 2016 volunteers taught the women knitting skills!  

New Year in Nepal

During this holiday season, please consider making a donation to support Bridges Between. In the coming year, we will be operating three schools in the Taksindu Valley and will be continuing to strengthen our relationships with the village leaders who advocate for our students. As always, we are actively seeking donations of any amount to help cover the cost of the teachers’ salaries, school supplies, and to ensure that the women in our schools have a warm, well-lit space to learn. Our teacher in the Chhulemu school said, “The first education a child receives is in their mother’s lap.” We understand the value of continuing to support these mothers as they pursue education, and we hope you do too. 
Happy Holidays and Namaste,
Bridges Between

The women of Nepal receive a beautiful holiday gift from a supporter

We send a warm Thank You to Dutch poet and author Lisa Naus for this beautiful poem inspired by the work that Bridges Between is doing in rural Nepal.  Happy holidays Lisa from everyone at Bridges Between!


Hey, you, strange lady on the street 
what lies behind your smile 
tell me your story 
and I’ll tell you mine. 

The words and feelings we share 
make life a lot easier to bare 
no matter our home, our colour, our religion 
in our hearts we keep the same intention. 

Seeking for happiness 
we cross the world, see its beauty 
that makes us, women, one big family. 

Hey, you, sister on the street 
you’re beautiful, you’re great 
for a new friendship it’s never too late! 

~ Lisa Naus

Aching muscles in Nepal!

Agricultural life-ways are often romanticized in films but the reality is that it is an unstable, backbreaking and tedious existence.  Just ask Bridges Between trip volunteers who have spend just a few hours in the tending the fields and woke the next morning with aching muscles!

In rural Nepal, where growing food is an everyday, all day process, how can a village household earn the few dollars a year required to hire oxen to plow the fields or electricity for the home?

The foundation for sustainable development is EDUCATION!  

Photo Credit: Ryan Mccombs

More Bang for Your Buck this Holiday Season!

Development Facts: In underdeveloped nations, every additional year of education can increase a women’s future income by 20%.  When women and girls receive income they reinvest 90% into their families!

Now that is a great investment!


Women bear the brunt of poverty

“No matter how you measure it, women and girls bear the brunt of poverty. But it is clear that women are also our greatest hope for ending it.”

Please consider supporting women’s education in rural Nepal by making a contribution or volunteering at one of our schools in the Solohkumbu.  @bridgesbetween