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The Samsung tablets our 2015 volunteers took to the villages were meant for the women to learn technology… but in they also made great sitters while the 2016 volunteers taught the women knitting skills!  

New Year in Nepal

During this holiday season, please consider making a donation to support Bridges Between. In the coming year, we will be operating three schools in the Taksindu Valley and will be continuing to strengthen our relationships with the village leaders who advocate for our students. As always, we are actively seeking donations of any amount to help cover the cost of the teachers’ salaries, school supplies, and to ensure that the women in our schools have a warm, well-lit space to learn. Our teacher in the Chhulemu school said, “The first education a child receives is in their mother’s lap.” We understand the value of continuing to support these mothers as they pursue education, and we hope you do too. 
Happy Holidays and Namaste,
Bridges Between

The women of Nepal receive a beautiful holiday gift from a supporter

We send a warm Thank You to Dutch poet and author Lisa Naus for this beautiful poem inspired by the work that Bridges Between is doing in rural Nepal.  Happy holidays Lisa from everyone at Bridges Between!


Hey, you, strange lady on the street 
what lies behind your smile 
tell me your story 
and I’ll tell you mine. 

The words and feelings we share 
make life a lot easier to bare 
no matter our home, our colour, our religion 
in our hearts we keep the same intention. 

Seeking for happiness 
we cross the world, see its beauty 
that makes us, women, one big family. 

Hey, you, sister on the street 
you’re beautiful, you’re great 
for a new friendship it’s never too late! 

~ Lisa Naus

Aching muscles in Nepal!

Agricultural life-ways are often romanticized in films but the reality is that it is an unstable, backbreaking and tedious existence.  Just ask Bridges Between trip volunteers who have spend just a few hours in the tending the fields and woke the next morning with aching muscles!

In rural Nepal, where growing food is an everyday, all day process, how can a village household earn the few dollars a year required to hire oxen to plow the fields or electricity for the home?

The foundation for sustainable development is EDUCATION!  

Photo Credit: Ryan Mccombs

More Bang for Your Buck this Holiday Season!

Development Facts: In underdeveloped nations, every additional year of education can increase a women’s future income by 20%.  When women and girls receive income they reinvest 90% into their families!

Now that is a great investment!


Women bear the brunt of poverty

“No matter how you measure it, women and girls bear the brunt of poverty. But it is clear that women are also our greatest hope for ending it.”

Please consider supporting women’s education in rural Nepal by making a contribution or volunteering at one of our schools in the Solohkumbu.  @bridgesbetween


Song and dance relays stories of Sherpa culture and history

Bridges Between supports women in maintaining these traditions by providing a place for mothers and children to spend time together in our evening classrooms. Please consider supporting this mission by making a contribution.

Cultural exchange through cooking!



Just in time for Thanksgiving, Bridges Between volunteer Lina learns to cook pumpkin curry with Laki Sherpa in the village of Chhulemu.   Read more

Bridges Between supports equal education for women

img_0666-2With this International Day of the Girl Child, Bridges Between supports girls by supporting women’s education. Mothers who understand the links between education and livelihood fight for their daughter’s rights to equal education in the rural areas of Nepal.

Bridges Between implements Teacher Training

img_0580-3Bridges Between is sponsoring the first ever Teacher Training in the Taksindu, Solukhumbu, Region of Nepal! Trainers Sarala  and Mahanta will spend four days leading workshops for ten women identified as leaders in their communities. Training will focus on the importance of women’s education, cultural preservation and addressing the links between education and livelihood. Please donate to support this effort!