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Greetings from Nunthala!



We recently received a photo of the students who attend the new Bridges Between School in the village of Nunthala. The village is located Read more

2016 Bridges Between Volunteer Trip

2016 BB Trip_1

Join us on a Community Service & Meditation Trek through Nepal!

It is a wonderful way to experience unique cultures and explore the natural beauty of the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal. Read more

Pasang’s new house!


(Photo Credit: Ang Pasang Sherpa)


Our dear friend Pasang reached out to share photos of his most recent project – the reconstruction of his home! Pasang’s previous home was badly damaged during the earthquake last year. However, it’s safe to say that him and his lovely young family have a beautiful new home, nestled above the solar greenhouse project in the village of Chhulemu.


Why we do what we do!


Imagine what life would be like in today’s world if you couldn’t read or write. This is the reality for the women in these villages before Bridges Between. Read more

Special Thanks to our Recent Volunteers!

bb group 2015

Bridges Between is fortunate to have the help of amazing volunteers each year. Recently,  Read more

Analog + Digital Competence in Ringmu


Greenhouse – GROWing Strong!


Recent volunteers checked in on the 2013 Solar Greenhouse project and we learned that lettuce grows in abundance inside. However, the translucent panels do not admit enough sunlight to grow much else, so they will be replaced in comings months with funds from recent donations.

Letters from Nepal emphasize the need for continued support

As Bridges Between debriefs following a successful 2015 volunteer trip, the letters from our friends and family in Nepal highlight the positive impact we are making in the Taksindu Valley. However, as our schools and programs continue to grow in Nepal, the need for continued support grows as well. Sarki letter

Coming soon: Volunteers, Doctors, Internet and Instagram!

Credit: Tim Walsh

Credit: Tim Walsh

A huge effort has been made recently to bring internet towers to the Taksindu Valley. By the time our volunteers arrive next week, the Bridges Between schools should be able to access the internet!  Read more

Upcoming Celebration of Community – Taksindu Valley Nepal



In a few weeks, Bridges Between will be on the ground in the Taksindu Valley for the first time since the recent earthquakes in Nepal. Read more