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Women’s Rights Are Human Rights

On January 21, 2017  people around the globe marched for women’s rights.  While marching my friends and I exchanged stories of times we felt discriminated against and underrepresented at work, in school or simply just walking down the street.  But there we were, carrying signs, chanting and filled with joy that so many of our friends and family were there to support us in expressing our legal right to assemble and speak out against human rights disparities within our nation.

Throughout the day my thoughts often returned my female friends in Nepal who want the same things as I do, as all of us do, the freedom to be solely in charge of our bodies, thoughts and futures.  Many Nepali women are feeling an unrest at the blatant discrimination they experience daily.   Bridges Between has considered supporting women’s adult education in additional areas of the country but we need to be cognizant of cultural barriers for women to merely attend class.  In many villages men will not allow their wives to be educated and often times girls are pulled out of school as it is not seen as an economic use of a girls time.

Women’s Rights ARE Human Rights!  Every time that poster popped up in the sea of marchers, I smiled thinking of our dear friends in Nepal and their courage to ask for a school, the strength it takes to attend classes and fight against the status quo.