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Bridges Between Summit Meeting

Bridges Between held a two day meeting earlier this month to discus long and short term goals. We currently have more goals than we do resources so please make a contribution this month! Hit the “DONATE” button on this page to make your contribution.

Here is a break down of what you can expect to see happening and how your donation dollars will be spent.

  • A new classroom curriculum will roll out March 6, 2017 focusing on adult experiential learning including innovative, hands-on school supplies
  • A health specialist will be employed by Bridges Between, four time per year, to teach general health and wellness classes to the entire community where we have schools. Studies show that most illnesses and infections that send villagers to the hospital two days away, can be avoided with simple hygiene education. Other issues effecting women’s health will also be covered.
  • New teacher, Phutsering Sherpa will begin teaching at the Chhulemu school this March
  • The 2017 Volunteer Trip is taking place this October-November and will include a meditation class at the Kopan Monastery and a day of volunteering at the Nepal Music Festival in Kathmandu
  • The Nunthela school, open March 2018 will need tables, chairs and all typical schoolroom supplies.
  • All schools need to have their computers replaced due to age and wear. We are seeking patrons who are able to assist with laptop donations

Hit the “DONATE” button on this page to make your contribution.

Namaste! See you in Nepal!