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Seed of Inspiration

The seed of inspiration for Bridges Between was planted when Brooke and her husband Harvey were guided through Nepal on a trek with Karma Sherpa.

Throughout the trek Brooke found herself trying to understand the lifestyle of the Nepali people, appreciating their sustainable lifestyle, their intuitive skills, and the strength of the women. When Brooke returned home she was motivated to contribute to the incredible world she had just been witness to.

Brooke recalled an evening when she participated in a translated exchange of ideas with the village women. The women communicated their experience of feeling uncomfortable interacting with teachers and being involved in their children’s education because of their own illiteracy. Brooke shared the idea that parental involvement oftentimes leads to successful student performance and academic outcome. It became evident that these mothers needed an upgrade in the level of education in order to prepare them to assist in the educational journey of their children.