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Your chance to see a Nepal few will ever experience!

Starting in 2016 Bridge Between quietly began sustainability education in our rural schools.  The long term goal, is for village women to take complete ownership over their education.  Fall 2016 Bridges Between volunteers taught knitting classes and demonstrated to the women how to sell hand made craft items.

Spring 2017 Bridges Between will send Nepali Trainer-of-Teachers (ToT) to our rural schools as a resource assisting local teachers and community leaders with complex issues such as; links between livelihood and education, sociopolitical support systems and the importance of female child education.

We are currently seeking volunteers for Fall 2017 to teach beginners spoken English, basic technology, hand-crafts, basic hygiene or just to come along and have fun with the women and children at the Bridges Between schools!

Let us know who you are and ideas you would like to share by clicking HERE.