Bridges Between has also supported experiential education through cross-cultural collaboration on a range of small scale community projects in the villages.  

Cold Storage Taksindu Monastery

passive cold storage, taksindu monastery

The Cold Storage unit is built at the Taksindu Monastery, and was completed in the fall of 2012. Bridges Between volunteers worked alongside local builders to successfully complete this design/build project. The Cold Storage uses water from a natural stream to cool the interior space. As a result, the monks of Taksindu can store their produce for longer periods of time.

Solar Greenhouse 1

solar greenhouse, cHhulemu

The Passive Solar Greenhouse  is the second design/build Bridges Between project. The greenhouse was completed in fall 2013. The goal was to extend the growing season for the villagers of Chhulemu, while creating a cultural bridge through architecture and cultivation. Bridges Between volunteers consisted of Graduate Architecture Students, a fourth year Medical Student, and Faculty from the University of Utah. The volunteers learned native building techniques and cultural customs while working together with local builders from the region.

Ringmu Rocket Stove

rocket stove heating, ringmu + Chhulemu

The rocket stove projects were designed to provide efficient means of heating the schools with minimal fuel. The stoves were designed using the concept of "thermal mass," which uses dense earthen clay to store and release the heat produced from the fire inside. The stoves were constructed using affordable, easily sourced materials and were constructed with local volunteers.

Ringmu Water Mill

watermill, ringmu

The water mill in Ringmu was located on the property of the Ringmu Schoolhouse and was seen as a potential opportunity to provide electricity for the schools, or possibly run a small grain mill. Bridges Between volunteers have continued to explore ideas for practical solutions for this small-scale infrastructure project in the village of Ringmu for the future.

Beam Replacement, Chhulemu

The earthquake in 2014 damaged the Chhulemu Schoolhouse, making it unsafe for our students to attend school. Bridges Between volunteers joined local craftsmen to provide structural improvements to the schoolhouse in order to keep school in session.

Knitting workshop, Chhulemu

Volunteers in 2016 arrived with loads of yarn and knitting supplies and hosted a how-to workshop for the women in the Chhulemu School. The introduction of the "knitting circle" created a unique opportunity for the women to learn a new skill while connecting with each other and the volunteers through knitting. The women have since taught their friends and family members in neighboring villages and the requests for more yarn keep coming!