Langtang, Nepal Meditation Trek
to May 22

Langtang, Nepal Meditation Trek

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The 12-day Langtang, Nepal Meditation Trek cost is $1,800 and includes a $500 tax deductible donation to Bridges Between to support women’s education in Nepal. Please make your donation above to reserve your spot.


Join us for a 12-day meditation trek in the beautiful Lantang National Park . Special guest teacher and author of Enlightenment Pie, Lisa Gunshore, is creating a meditation and yoga course specifically designed to enhance the experience of the trek.

While in the Langtang Valley, we will be special guests of Tinley Lama, an ambassador to His Holiness the Dalai Lama, who represented Tibetans in exile in Nepal (2011-2014). We will stay in Tinley Lama's famous ancestral home, the home of Langtang's royal family and the solitary home left standing after the devastating landslide triggered by the 2015 earthquakes.

We will trek as high as Kyanjin Gompa (3900 meters/12,800 feet), the gateway village into Tibet where dozens of caves gave shelter to accomplished meditators for hundreds of years. Even to this day meditators take retreat, sometimes for years, in these rock shelters.

After our trek is complete and we are back in Kathmandu there is an opportunity to visit the Shree Shrada Women's School. Spend a day with the adult students and learn about difficulties Nepali women face when seeking an education. Sarala Shrestha, from Bridges Between will guide your experience and provide translation for question and answer sessions.

There is room for just 20 trekkers. If you would like to join us please make your deposit above, a $500 tax deductible donation to support women's education. The total cost of the 12-day trek is $1800 (this includes the tax deductible portion) and includes accommodations, meals, in-country transportation, meditation, and yoga. We look forward to sharing this life-changing experience with you!

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The 4 1/2 day Kathmandu People & Culture Tour cost is $450 and includes a $50 tax deductible donation to support women’s education in Nepal. Make your donation above to reserve your spot. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity!

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