Brooke Paparo 

Founder + President

Brooke is CEO of Ruby Construction Inc, a Colorado Development Corp. Brooke is also President of BREDLP Management, LLC, a New York real estate development company. Previously, she practiced as a Certified Nurse Midwife in NYC and holds a Masters of Science degree from Columbia University.


katherine demsky

Project + volunteer coordinator

Katherine lives in Oregon and works in the public school system with children who have disabilities.  She holds a Master’s Degree in Anthropology with an emphasis in Archaeology and Chinese History.  She has traveled extensively throughout Asia and has a passion for the Himalayan region.  After volunteering with Bridges Between in 2014 she was hooked. Katherine now leads Bridges Between volunteers to the villages to teach and exchange fun and friendships

Alexis Perea

educator + curriculum coordinator

Alexis Perea discovered her passion for educating after spending a year teaching English to children in South Korea. After several years of traveling, she returned to Arizona and went back to school to receive a Master’s in Elementary Education in 2008. Since, she has been teaching fun-loving, energetic third graders in Tucson, Arizona. As the curriculum coordinator of Bridges Between, she plans to develop a curriculum that is relevant, proactive, and experiential. The curriculum includes literacy, computer basics, health, travel, and environmental issues.

cody gabaldon

project coordinator + media design

Cody joined Bridges Between in 2012 to help coordinate the delivery of built projects in Nepal. That year, he traveled to Nepal to serve as the the project lead for the Solar Greenhouse in Chhulemu. Since then he has helped coordinate projects such as the the rocket stove installations and also assists with the overall operational tasks and media design for the organization. A strong believer in learning through experience, Cody is constantly looking for new and more meaningful ways to contribute to the world through design.